Seeing the Foundation


The State of the Nation Address

I have followed President NoyNoy Aquino’s SONAs throughout his term, and truth be told, I wasn’t really impressed. Perhaps, I was too strict on the guy. Seeing him as the son of a person I truly admire– his father, I was more or less expecting a really intellectually charismatic and nationalistic guy. However to my disappointment, he failed to blow my mind. Media didn’t exactly help, as they also blew unfavorable information out of proportion. And well for me, P-Noy’s previous SONAs seemed vague by not addressing what I deemed as immediate concerns. Let us not also forget what seemed like very little accomplishments with the span of a year. And that is why 2013’s SONA was a pleasant surprise.

It was P-Noy’s longest SONA, but I think it was the best. The reason for which is simple. It’s because the state of the nation is really improving. We’re seeing the programs in action, the efficiency in each process and the results actually benefitting people. There are too many examples to cite, and it would be quite redundant if I were to enumerate. Let’s just say that the usually mentioned poor sectors of society actually has better livelihood options like intercropping for farmers, and a cold storage facility for fishermen. It may not be much now, but it’s a strategic start. Furthermore, more of the poorest in our country also received better healthcare services and other benefits from the ‘Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program’. Thankfully, there is also efficiency in the purchasing of books, paving way for a 2.9 billion peso savings for the repairs and rehabilitation of classrooms. There’s more, but dear reader it would be better to listen to the 2013 SONA for yourself, and be as pleasantly surprised as I am.

Another part of the SONA was the scolding of the departments who weren’t exactly performing their best, either by providing unintelligent decisions or by their inefficient spending, which unfortunately happened hand in hand, most of the time. I think this is P-Noy’s dangerous attempt to warn (and perhaps to a certain extent, shame them publicly). It’s just sad that it already came to this degree that he must broadcast it to the whole nation. P-Noy might have said it lightly and jokingly, but I think there’s more depth to it. The public must know, and they must stop it. (Public condemnation. HEAR HEAR)

After maturing (not that it stopped), I’ve realized how impatient am I with government. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing great poverty every now and then with so many people having such a hard time with life. Then suddenly, media will bombard us with news of politicians and other businessmen not doing their part and stealing from the nation. It’s abnormal not to hate, not to be frustrated, not to want action. However, the administration has changed. It is better. On its first years, it was able to establish a foundation that I did not see before. But now, I’m getting a good picture of it and what it can potentially become. I fear that it might collapse after P-Noy’s term. And P-Noy actually anticipated it, the fear. But he was right when he said the challenge is on us. We are to sustain the development of our country. We are to move forward. We need to believe in ourselves and our awesome future. That is the only way we can see and feel our growth as a nation.

But dear reader, many times human abilities are not enough, that is why we must also never forget to ask aid and blessings from God, and do many great things to glorify Him. For in all things, God may be glorified!

My Favorite

The indigenous people of our country have always had a very special corner in my heart. After all, if I love being a true Filipino, aren’t they the perfect reflection of our pure culture? Well they are. I was always very sad that they were never given much attention. They were neglected and almost treated as a burden. They were more or less condemned or disliked simply for being themselves, and it’s simply so heartbreaking because people should never take their uniqueness against them. As people, our indigenous brothers and sisters are equally important as the biggest earning person in the country.

I’m bringing this up, because they were actually mentioned, and I’m simply delighted. The administration is willing to extend active healthcare services to them. It had the initiative to cater to their needs. So, yaaaaaaaaaaay!!

On President Noynoy Aquino’s Leadership

I’ll cut it short. President Noynoy is okay. He’s not a perfect person. He has many faults, and his mind can be twisted at times. But I think an average, reasonable person can see his genuine good intentions for the country. He’s a good leader in a sense that he can bring out the potential in the government’s numerous departments. Sometimes, leaders only need to push a person to help them grow, and that’s what P-Noy did. He merely guided them to the right path. Another surprising point is his ability to instill hope. Maybe that is what he gained from his father and mother. He may not have the overwhelming charisma, but he can make people believe in a better future again. This is his style, his leadership.

Lastly, as an aspiring Economist

I honestly think more presidents should be economists. Taking politics to the side, economists know how to handle a country’s limited resources and what efficient actions to take given any circumstances. We give value to everything and everyone, that’s why we will never forget their worth. With an economic mind, our blessed country can go to greater heights.


Dianne Argamosa



4 thoughts on “Seeing the Foundation

  1. Humorously, I agree with your last sentiment that presidents should be economists. Also, I’d also like to challenge those who are holding positions when they’re clearly unqualified for the job.

    • Speaking of those unqualified, I honestly thought it was okay before as long as they love the country -_- *ignorant me* But then, to a certain extent, maybe that’s one of the causes of the country’s inefficiencies, ’cause they don’t know how to allocate properly. Oh well. I hope we get more qualified candidates in the future.

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