SONA 2013

I believe that each and every one of us in this world has equal chances of reaching our dreams and goals in life. Regardless of our economic status in life, whether rich or poor, we must undergo similar steps that will ultimately lead us to the fulfilment of our aspirations. This is what makes us human. And PNoy is not different from each and every one of us.

Let’s give PNoy some credit. He’s doing his best for us to walk to his “Daang Matuwid” – his ultimate dream. In his SONA, he wants us to see all the achievements he had for his 3 years in service. Also, the goals he wants for the nation. And lastly, he would not forget to address the problems that we have to face and fix as a nation for the betterment of our country.

 PNoy can’t do everything. That is why the problem of the whole country can’t be blamed on him. But then again, as a person, he can do something. Being the president, he must do everything he can to fulfil everything he has promised. With the help of every Filipino, we can achieve the kind of life we have ever longed for.

That is why for me, the state of the nation is for all of us. It’s for us to realize the current situation of the country and make us think of what we can do to help improve our nation. The SONA is a mirror, for everyone to look at. Reflect on the things we have done, and learn from the mistakes we have done.  


2 thoughts on “SONA 2013

  1. I just want to emphasize, “..the problems that we have to face and fix AS A NATION for the betterment of our country” because I really believe that it’s not just the efforts of our president that will lead us there but all our collective efforts or should I say “BAYANIHAN”.

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