Little Ones of Our Home

Effective communicators are made not born but why are my nephew and niece seem like born with extraordinary communication skills? Nynna and Djambo their ways of communicating is so amazing. Even though they are the house’s little beings they are the ones who rock the house out. This duo vividly depicts the cute ideal selves of the ones that want to be really really really good speakers.

Being an excellent communicator is being who you really are, inspiring and entertaining your co-communicators. Nynna and Djambo are just simple kids sleeping, eating, drinking, and playing all day long. But inside of them are very powerful cores with intense radiation of being excellent communicators. They brighten up each and every corners of our home with joy through their own selves as tools that are like no other.

A child’s simplicity is an adult’s happiness. Children show us their non-mutated form of being real communicators. With their complete innocence, every time of the day at home is a memory that must be remembered and will not be forgotten until the end of time.

We must be like them. We must all be The Little Ones of our Home, the Philippines.

-John Ivan M. De Chavez


Konti Nalang

In the Philippines, the bulk of the entertainment industry is centered on mass media, mainly through print – books and magazines, broadcasting – radio and television, film, and music. There have been massive influences, foreign and local, hastened by advances in the cyber space. Undeniably, with the widespread use of technology, people could easily grasp and immense themselves into the world of entertainment.

I’ve been reading articles about Philippine entertainment recently so I decided to make my last blog about it, well at least about being entertained.

We all need that time to just chill, relax, and laugh. I know a lot of us are stressed especially now that it’s #hellweek again. Whether it’s because of our acads, annoying know-it-all/pa-bibo kid classmates, boyfriends or girlfriends (if you have one, or because you don’t), parents pressuring you to study, or friends pressuring you not to study… we all need that break. With that number of ways to make ourselves happier, our mood brighter, I hope we won’t let stress get the better of us

I just want to dedicate this blog to everyone who wishes they have more time to review, less papers to write, and enough answers to pass the exams.

Konti nalang guys! Kaya natin ‘to!


Educational Tour

I got to go on my very first college field trip, I mean educational tour. Yey! I didn’t expect to go far but I guess it can’t be helped. I kid. Well, the Bantayog ng mga Bayani was not bad for a first right?

Not bad at all I should say. I have learned a lot about those brave Filipinos and Filipinas who risked and even gave their lives for our beloved country. The trip made me appreciate their sacrifices more. It’s one thing hearing their stories and another, actually seeing it happen.

I never really liked history much and I’m sure it doesn’t like me either. I remember having this constant struggle with our exams back in high school. It is such a shame to think that there could be a lot more students like me, ignorant of the lives of these patriots. Besides, those heroes talked about during the tour, they are not really discussed or even mentioned in school. They are heroes lacking of praise and recognition and I commend the Bantayog ng mga Bayani for giving them the honor and importance they deserve.

This sem long CWTS did make me value my blood, my countrymen, and my country more. Proud Pinay here!



Roundtable on Philippine Development: Economic Policies and Social Progress

Last September 27, Friday, our Econ 101 prof invited us to the launch of “Weighing In: On the Philippine Economy and Social Progress”, the newest book written by our very own Professor Emeritus Gerardo Sicat. It was an honor and a privilege to be part of the said event. We got to witness the discussions and hear the opinions and point of views of some well-educated men about our nation’s most relevant issues. Professor Marina Durano also did her share as she served as the master of the ceremony. We heard a lot from the guest speakers but frankly, I could not understand much. It seems like they have a different humor as well, one needing knowledge way beyond mine. Nonetheless, the event was still very inspiring, making me want to be in their shoes someday.

It was a great experience being part of something like that. Oh, by the way, we also got  free food and  an incentive.



Love Your Own

With hundreds of koreanovelas which were aired in the leading tv networks, a number of Korean idols which held concerts and fan meetings, and the huge impact of K-pop music and dance craze which was vividly seen in the country, there is no doubt that the Korean wave has been making a big splash in the Philippines over the decade. This wave of popularity or known as “hallyu” has found ways to seep not just here, but also globally. It had become the newest tool for expanding the country’s cultural exports and an integral part of Korea’s national image.

I know a number of us here are fans. I won’t deny the fact that I am one. I just hope that despite this, we won’t forget our own culture, our own heritage. That though we admire them, we would not let the fire of our nationalism be overpowered by this Korean wave. That we would always put our country first and take their popularity as a challenge to also make our voices heard and our names known.



For the Two Little Boys

No, I should not pity them

This is for the two little boys I saw as I was staring outside our library’s window. I was studying for an exam that afternoon, just a little past 2:00. I was so lazy that I just slept the night before. After a few hours of trying to get almost a month’s lesson in my head, of course my attention was drifting. That’s when these two boys, maybe just around six to eight years old caught my attention.  They were carrying these garbage bags full of what I think were plastic bottles. They were trying to climb over a wall, only holding on a vine for support. Though I was really concerned and afraid that they might fall, I couldn’t do anything but watch. Thankfully, someone reprimanded them and they stopped. As I watched them walk away, I thought, is that all I can do? Watch? I should be doing “something bigger” than just being stuck in this library reading equations and graphs.

I pitied them. These children instead of playing and asking for toys, help support their family. I scoffed at my self for those times I thought my life was hard. They reminded me of how fortunate I was. I realized that I should not pity them, instead admire them for their hardwork, a quality I have always been lacking. My pity won’t do them any good after all. As I looked back at my equations and graphs, I realized that maybe they are the start of my own “something bigger” a lot of us are searching for. I realized that the “search” only became my excuse for not doing my best and not making the most of the things I have and that me searching for something else, not being contented, became a hindrance for seeing how great the things I have now are.




Through the years, our world has been subjected to tremendous quandaries which challenge humanity. Problems mainly on peace, security, prosperity, and stability are what people have been suffering from. Truly, the world is changing, and with it lies the demand on United Nation’s action. But there lies the problem with UN’s transparency and accountability for the past years. This international organization seems to be losing its determination on meeting its goals. And it is a serious matter that not just the UN’s member states, but also each one of us should prioritize.

The entire world is facing a lot of problems which are being endured by the people. No one could escape from poverty, stagnation, diseases, violation of human rights, gender inequality, war, terrorism, and even economic downfall. An estimate of 925 million people in the world are undernourished. Also, cancer became a leading cause of death worldwide. There have been over 9 million refugees and internally displaced people from conflicts in Africa. And worst, a huge number people have been slaughtered from a number of conflicts and civil wars just like that in Zamboanga. As we look deeper at the picture, people seem helpless in coping with these tremendous quandaries. The government’s efforts couldn’t afford to meet all of its citizen’s needs. With this, what our world needs is an integrated, efficient, flexible, accountable, and a transparent organization which could help improve the lives of many people and work in solving international concerns. This agenda fits best with United Nations.

Not only for our sake, but also for our next generation’s benefit, let us consider reforming and reviving United Nation’s legacies. We should all have a constant emphasis and an appropriate act on peacekeeping, peace building, conflict prevention, and humanitarian assistance. Let us join hands in making the world a better place for all of us; a place surrounded with love, peace, cooperation, and unity; a place secured with strong ties among nations; and definitely, a place worth living for.