Haven’t you ever wondered about the reason as to why the reference to Earth, nature, and a country is a she?

Well, when it comes to Mother country, Mother Earth, and Mother Nature, it is quite understandable. A country is home to its people. Our planet Earth is also similar in this aspect to a country for animals and other creatures. It also cares for the people by providing fruits and other “bounties and comforts,” while nature is something that brings about life. They are in relation to something that cares, gives, and embraces. |There is also something that brings about birth or creation.

Let us consider using the term “father”. So for instance, instead of calling a country Mother country, let us call it Father country. It does sound strange so does Father Nature and Father Earth. Is it because we are so used to saying them with the term “mother”? Or is it because they have always been seen as a mother figure?

Why can’t they be seen as the opposite? Maybe it’s because a father figure is not so similar to their traits. All these may be just out of curiosity, but don’t you think they’re things that are worthwhile to ponder about?

– Audrey Agustin

One thought on ““Mother”

  1. I suddenly missed my Mom upon reading this. 10 months of not seeing her makes me cry every day. Indeed, there is something about them that is special.

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