Philippines and Yolanda

On November 2, 2014 Typhoon Haiyan or locally known as Typhoon Yolanda struck Philippines destroying 80:000 homes and taking 6,340 lives. The aftermath was said to be similar to the popular television series the walking dead. Bodies of dead people were everywhere ,everything destroyed, stores have been all looted. Everything was just like a really bad nightmare, but it was the reality. As soon as news struck the whole world of what had happened to the Philippines, response units from all over the globe went to the Philippines into our aid. Bringing military support, relief goods, medicinal aid, and many more in order to help us back to our feet.

For most of us this tragedy was a nightmare and a day that we will never forget for the things and love ones that we have lost. Though to other’s, the politicians, the one who rule our nation they saw this an opportunity to throw their faces to the “relief goods” as a form of early campaign to earn the people’s favor for the elections. Instead of just helping the people and doing what is right, these so called people just took advantage of the situation for their own gain. While people died from starvation, having no means to burry their relatives, having next to nothing by the small things that they were able to salvage, this politicians smiled with a grin and clasped their hands for the golden opportunity that was infront of them.

One of the memorable things that was told to me by one of the survivors, a high school friend of mine who was able to experience the full force of Typhoon Haiyan. The aftermath of typhoon hyan left a great sign of human catastrophe, stores were looted, bodies were left everywhere. He even showed me a video of the current environment what has happened in Tacloban. Even a week after the storm, bodies were still everywhere and there was still no order. Hence thehe mayor had requested from the government for military support in order to maintain the order. When the government replied was they had to submit the proper proposal and paper works. Which was of course really alarming considering the chaos and state of the city of Tacloban is in. That is how amazing our government’s support is, while the city of Tacloban itself is gone.

Today, the tv, the radio, and other forms of media have stopped showing news related to what happened in the city of Tacloban. People have forgotten the hardship that the citizens of that city have been through. Different forms of media have said that everything have been back to order and all is well. In reality, people in Tacloban are still suffering the effects of the Typhoon. All because those in top, those people that are supposedly leading in order to make things better, are instead only thinking of themselves to proppel themselves to get more fame and riches. If only we learn how to put others in need before ourselves, then the suffering of other people and the reconstruction of the city of Tacloban would have been faster than it should have been.

Castro, Danielle Rose D. 201323615


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