Do your part

There is no such thing as natural disasters.

Hazards and disasters are two different things. Hazards are inevitable while disasters are preventable. We can’t blame these disasters for the slow growth of our economy. We are the ones responsible why such disasters have costly effects and we also have the power to prevent it.
A country should master disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness for less catastrophic effects. Our country, is still striving to master these three. Our government and some NGOs are doing their roles and we, the citizens should also do the same thing. BUT sad to say, we are not doing our part. It’s kinda ironic that victims blame the government for the damage that a disaster caused. Some would say ” Kinukurakot kasi ng gobyerno natin yung pera na nakalaan para sa mga ganitong pangyayare.” Whether this is true or not, let’s be honest here. We also have our own faults to admit. Our own faults which we do not consider as a factor that in some way heightened the effects of a disaster. One good example is, whenever the government tells us to leave our houses and immediately go to the designated evacuation centers, some would opt to stay no matter how dangerous it is for them. What we must prioritize is our own safety rather than our precious belongings. Our belongings may be restored or may be bought but our lives is one that we couldn’t afford to put into risk. The government can only proclaim decrees to help us in solving problems with regards to the effects of disasters but we have our own free will to choose whether we are to abide what the government asks us to do for our own sake or we are to disregard such announcements by the government.

In this modern world, we could do a lot of things to lessen the number of casualties  due to a disaster. We could use our facebook or twitter accounts to spread the information we know about it. This may look like a little thing, but every little thing counts. With such a simple act, you could already save a life or lives.

Let us help one another, do what is best for our country. Step UP, do your part.

Castro, Danielle Rose D,



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