Change the way you think

WAR IS A TENDER THING. Isn’t it ironic?

To be honest, I lost focus and all those things I have in mind when I heard the mother say “I don’t care.” when asked about her opinion about the Peace Agreement. I only have with me two lines from the movie- first one is obviously the statement of the mother and the other one is from the father “Peace is a temporary period between wars.” 

The movie is sort of about the Peace Agreement in Mindanao and primarily about one of the longest tales in our history. I don’t have much to say about the Peace Agreement nor about the movie itself. So I will try to scratch the surface of these two as I give my insights about the two statements mentioned earlier. 

PEACE IS A TEMPORARY PERIOD BETWEEN WARS. I want to give my comments first with what the father had said. Is peace really a temporary thing? Or should we benefiting or would benefit or should benefit from it keep and take care of that “PEACE”? I get the point. The peace agreement is not a concrete solution in addressing the problem. Thomas Jefferson once said, Nothing is more unequal than the equal treatment of unequals. Addressing the problem of inequality through a peace agreement is a long shot because we know that there will still be a problem. There will still be a grey area that will be left unsolved. Indeed, that there is a clash that has been going on between two different parties and there is a huge gap between them. Treating them the same way could actually lead to more issues. However, the way I see it is that, if we never strive to make a difference, if we never strive to resolve the problem, the gap that there exists between us then when can we ever fill that grey area into shades of even better color. Also, if we only focus on that grey spot, on that imbalance, I don’t think that we can ever move forward.

I DON’T CARE. I find this statement from the mother really annoying. Why? I’ll answer you with another question. You don’t care because? Is it because the peace agreement doesn’t concern you that much? Is it because it doesn’t give you benefit or a disincentive? This type of thinking is really problematic. If we only think of ourselves, of doing things just for our own sake, then don’t expect any progress on the things we would want to change. Cloud 9 is far from reality and so is peace. So if you don’t see yourself living in the world without hatred, without inequality, without all the negative vibes, just think of what others are dreaming of. I believe that even if a certain thing doesn’t matter to you that much; you should still try to voice out your opinions because like what Colgate commercial would say “SPEAK OUT AND SPARK CHANGE.

I don’t intend to offend anyone or maybe hurt anyone with my opinions because one might say that I have no legit rights to speak about the problem since I am not totally involved in the issue, but like what I said, we should always have our own opinion and stand on things, especially to those things affect may people or even the entire nation. I don’t think having been involved in the issue first hand equates to not giving your insights and opinions in the first place. Most especially, when you can actually make a difference, may it be big or small.

I don’t know if I made my point very clear or do I even send a meaningful message to everyone but that’s all that I can say.

-Allan Benedict C. Solacito, 2013-58165



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