The Irony of Justice

Vhong Navarro’s case has taken a big part in social media and the news these past few months. The progress of his case has been relatively quick as compared to the other cases that are still pending at the Supreme Court and other courts in the country.

The special treatment of cases of celebrities or people with influence has been a recurring event in the Philippines. An example of this is Kris Aquino’s annulment from her ex-husband James Yap which took approximately less than one and a half years. The progress in a year that a normal Filipino could have in their case would probably be the first hearing which is just the presentation of evidences. They would still have to schedule another (and many m0re) hearings for cross examinations and the like.

Lady Justice has a blindfold on because she favors no one and she has the balance scale to weigh right and wrong with reason. It is ironic how in the Philippines, and maybe in other countries, only the rich and influential  receive  justice immediately. It is their case that is given priority while thousands of cases from years ago are still unresolved, and until now, many cases continue to pile up. Lady Justice’s balance is tipped and is heavy on the side where the rich are. The way justice is served in our country is unjust and it shouldn’t be that way.


-Kaye Villasenor 2012-27275

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