For CWTS NSTP, my friends and I were assigned to assist The Nameless Collective. An organization dedicated to keeping the names of the unknown heroes in the Philippines alive. These are unsung heroes who have fought for true democracy since the Marcos regime up until today. During our time in the Nameless Collective we were tasked to set up an exhibit about the unsung heroes, host a forum and research on new heroes.

My group, in particular, was tasked to interview and research about unsung heroes- Ferdie Arceo, Boy Morales, Noel Gamalina and the like. Throughout the research period, we were contacted & interviewed friends, relatives & colleagues, conducted the research and created profiles for the heroes. During this time, I personally learned many things and gained insights about the country.

When we held the exhibit and forum, I learned that there were so many people that sacrificed their lives for their country. All these people are unknown. I began to appreciate the Nameless Collective for keeping the names of these people alive. Their stories should be kept alive.

The next phase of the Nameless we were broken up into different groups and assigned different tasks. My group was assigned to research about different people who deserve to be placed in the Nameless. Ma’am Eileen gave us a list of who to contact. While researching, I learned about the lives of these different people and the causes they were fighting for. What was surprising to me was that some these people are still fighting today. Their friend & colleagues told us that they believe there is still much to be done in the country.

There are still many aspects of democracy that the Philippines has yet to improve on. They believe there is still inequality in the nation. Many of them are working to change this. One of those we research about, Noel Gamalina was one of these people who went on the ground to different farming & fishing communities and let people know their different rights. Those are one of the problems, Filipinos doe not know their rights and what they are entitled to thus they let the powerful take advantage of them.

While on the ground, I gained insights into the state of the country and what needs to be done to improve it.

Pamela Y. Macasaet 2012-57319


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