The Bureau of Internal Revenue has been under fire recently for releasing the ad shown above. Different doctors’ organizations have been releasing statements saying that it is a poor representation of doctors and that it is a hasty generalization.

Commissioner Kim Henares came to the ad’s defense saying that it was not an attack towards the doctors, it was an ad that meant to imply that the rich or people who have high income do not pay taxes while those who earn less, earnestly pay their dues; the use of the doctor sitting on the teacher was merely an example.

I believe that BIR’s ad was created with good intentions but it was too explicit in its approach. It is true that there are rich people who evade taxes, but it is also likely that there are people who do not earn a lot that do not pay their taxes. It was not right of BIR to use a specific profession in their advertisement because, whether or not they wanted to, they created an image of the hero and the villain. I believe it is unfair for the teachers to be portrayed as heroes and the doctors as villains because in general, they are both heroes in their own right. Maybe it would have been best if BIR used general ideas for the  tax evader in their advertisement such as a well dressed woman with many accessories on or a man holding a bag overflowing with money. They could have found a different way for it to have impact and not directly attack a certain group of people.

-Kaye Villasenor 2012-27275

2 thoughts on “BIR TAX ADS

  1. I absolutely agree with you that the BIR had a good intentions but just represented in the wrong way. I agree that they should not be too specific with jobs or professions as there is chance for misinterpretation and room to offend those in the said profession.

  2. When I first looked at the picture, I think the ad hit it home. Being a doctor is one of the most of the lucrative professions and yet they do not pay their taxes, free riding on wage earners and making them pay in the form of higher taxes for wage earners . I believe having specific professions in the ad really added to its appeal. It’s in my opinion that the BIR did a really good job in the ad 🙂

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