WYD Madrid Experience

We all know that prayer is a way for us to talk to God. Before, I used to pray in a manner wherein I’ll only tell him my petitions and be sorry for the things that I did. That was it. For me, that is already talking to him. That was how I understood prayer before. Among all the talks that I had with Him during our World Youth Day in Madrid, the most significant would be the one when we were having our Way of the Cross.  For that day, we visited a number of churches for each Station of the Cross. When we reached our very first church, all of us were very tired from walking. So, in order to be in the mood of prayer, I admired first the very magnificent architecture of the church. At that moment, I do not know what to pray anymore because I felt like my petitions were just repetitions – I was just saying the same things over and over again, so, what I did instead was, I asked Him – I asked Him A LOT of questions. My questions to Him were countless that even my own mind was confused to specifically identify a single question I raised. One example, about love, how can I love others in a way wherein it’s not just for the sake of doing what is right, rather, it is because that would make me happy?

We finally gathered to a quieter part of the church in order to formally start our Way of the Cross. As we were approaching the place, I was amazed with how God began to answer my questions  immediately. He first answered me with the words written on the walls. (Amor is written on one side then opposite to it is Caritas.)  He continued to answer me through the succeeding Stations of the Cross. I was so amazed with how He was able to identify my messed up questions specifically, and answered each – one by one – for every station. At that moment, I was very overwhelmed. I did not know that God can answer that fast. That was indeed a different kind of talking to him. It was not just me doing all the “talking”, he is now conversing with me through his Words in each station of the cross. This was my first ever conversation to him. This is the kind of prayer that developed from me since the World Youth Day.  From there on, I learned that God does not only listen. He also answers.

Now, I don’t even have to ask him of things. I am grateful that he is capable of listening not just with my thoughts or with my words but even with the most hidden desires of my heart. I love the way He listens; I love the way He answers. I love the way that He continues to answer each prayer of mine with what He thinks is best for me. Indeed,  my World Youth Day journey, truly, made my trust in the Lord stronger. I hope many more would also have this very transforming experience of mine.


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