Wondering, worrying

In this semester’s NSTP, our group was in charge of making a report about the Marikina watershed. Doing papers always require using your time reading and writing which is sometimes a hassle given that there are also other things that you have to do. But even so, it was actually a task worth doing. It gave me more of an opportunity to know about things I don’t usually take time knowing about. Overall, it was quite a good experience.

Most of us has probably already done research works, investigatory projects or theses, or at least has an idea of what these are. These always develop our understanding on things. It is actually quite visible today that people are more open to new things, studying about new things and giving innovations for, most of the time, the betterment of the society. Now we can say, more surely, that “nothing is impossible.” Though clichéd, I would like to reiterate that some of what was fictional before is already a reality today. In the next few years, I wonder what new things would be invented. I just wish that our environment wouldn’t be less safer to live in.


One thought on “Wondering, worrying

  1. One thing I found surprising is the lack of media attention to the efforts done to protect critical areas like these. I believe issues like these should be given more importance as it may raise awareness and amass volunteers who are willing to help. If only useless news like Bimby and Rizza Mae having a date were given less screen time maybe projects like these might be featured and given importance.

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