Why is philippine service unreliable?

This is a question that has always been on my mind ever since I entered high school and started to go out as many times as I could with friends. Why is philippine service slow? And this does not refer to the years before, but to the current way things are. Fast foods chains are taking more minutes than usual just to give out the usual order, as if they weren’t use to an sudden influx of people during peak times. Internet services are extreme slow. For example, PLDT is fast but disconects a lot. Bayantel is average speed with few disconnetions. Sky is extremely fast but has horrible ping. Why do these service providers all have problems? Now most important is customer service. This applies to ALL products with customer service requests. They are completely BY THE BOOK and do not think of other alternatives if there is a problem or something to return. “Walang diskarte” as my mom would say and I think this is a terrible thing. They are programmed to only follow what is in the book and not to make decisions based on the current problem. I believe this is problematic and this “Filipino Services” should be improved if we want to compete internationally with other countries in multiple aspects.

3 thoughts on “Why is philippine service unreliable?

  1. My mom complains about this too. And what’s worse is it’s always like there’s always a surplus of those customer employees and yet they get nothing done. Things are inefficient. I don’t know if the answer here is education or what, but hopefully people are able to think more critically in the future.

  2. Maybe it’s just because there’s too many, though I’m not sure what, to account for. Maybe it’s because we are not too competent enough. I sometimes think that it’s because of a mentality that’s similar to: “There’s quite a lot of people who can do what you can do better than you so why try at all when you know that no matter what you do, you can’t be level above them at all.”

  3. If you look at the comparison charts and data available, we pay more per mbs than almost any other country out there. I use Sky Broadband, one of the supposedly faster connections in the Philippines, and yet it is nothing compared to what other countries have. It disconnects on a near-daily basis as well.

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