“We are the nameless, and all names are ours”

“We are the nameless, and all names are ours.” This is the tagline of the NGO where I spent my whole semester with. Their tagline sounds mysterious, and downright confusing, how would it be possible for someone with no name to have all the names? When you take the meaning of the tagline literally, it would not lead into any logical explanation whatsoever, but when you look at it on different perspectives; you will slowly see and realize what this tagline really means.

The nameless pertains to the heroes. So heroes = nameless, these heroes fought for something, these heroes had a cause, these heroes are the nameless heroes. All names, all names pertain to every human being, take note of human, because all humans are men, but not all men are humans. So for the sake of understanding the tagline, we get a new quote “We are heroes, and every human being is ours” this still does not make sense, but just keep on reading and eventually you’ll get my point.

So how can everyone belong to the heroes? The heroes can capture everyone, not physically, but emotionally and mentally. How can they do this? By making their cause known to all, if everyone realizes what these heroes are fighting for, eventually they’ll see that the heroes are indeed making sense, and eventually everyone’s mind-set will somehow change.

So, going back to the tagline, “We are nameless, and all names are ours.” If everyone realizes the cause of the heroes, everyone too can be heroes, for me, this is the simple idea behind the complex tagline, and I would have not realized its meaning if not for the Nameless collective, a semester with them somehow changed my mind-set too, it made my knowledge broader, and it enhanced my social awareness.


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