The Need for Parties

Here in the University, there are three political parties aiming for the USC positions, namely UP ALYANSA, STAND UP and UP KAISA. These three have always quite different views on political and hot issues every time.

This year, the USC Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson elected were both coming from the UP ALYANSA Party, but what are more intriguing were the top two councilors elected. The two were both running as Independent Councilors!

“This tells something,” I’ve seen in my Facebook newsfeed as the issue of the two being the top two councilors elected was still hot and new. Truly, it must be telling something. Maybe the students in the university were tired of hearing the endless competition between those parties and that they want something new. These political parties were just decreasing the quality of service the USC could give to the students. I just hoped that those elected USC officers will forget about their political parties and focus more on their work with the entire USC to give the students of UP Diliman the best. And instead of arguing who is right, why not these officers elected from different political parties compromise and collaborate. They would surely make the best USC out of it.


2 thoughts on “The Need for Parties

  1. Is it better to have homogenous USC, with most of the officers coming from one party, or a highly diverse one?

    If one party has a majority, perhaps actions can be deliberated on and carried out more easily, since most members are aligned in their goals. However, the interests of other parties and their supporters are not represented.

    Conversely, a diversified council may have representatives from across the political spectrum, but may have more internal conflicts due to differing interests.

  2. I just hope these two independent councilors would serve as arbiter in the council GA’s. To make sure that the decisions that would be made is not only a result of biased and “colored” opinion but of deliberate critical analysis.

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