The intern experience

The partnership between UP CWTS and the NGO SENTRO has really given me an experience that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Originally had an idea that this semester’s CWTS would be just like the previous semesters where the students would either serve certain communities or produce a play in which all students are required to participate and tells of a certain issue within the country. However this was not the case. This semester was completely different from the rest and I think that despite being tedious, it was worth the effort. With that premise, there were multiple NGOs partnered with the CWTS program and we were assigned as teams to each organization. As such me and a few others were assigned to the NGO SENTRO, a labor NGO that focused on Philippine labor conditions and I will tell my experience working with them.

The first time we met our leader was in Sweet Inspiration, Katipunan His name was sir Hansly and he was gracious enough to treat us to lunch. After lunch he then proceeded to explain to us what will be the flow of activities for the coming months. It was both surprising and overwhelming. The goal was tens to hundreds of samples towards different companies. We were assigned to be an intelligence division, to gather data with the pre-tense of using the data for our thesis when in fact it would be used for SENTRO’s use. First we had to design the survey. We then took samples from the workers from fastfood and then convenience stores. After it was fixed approved Sir Hansley then set up the visits to the different broadcasting. We then gathered and compiled the data and eventually led to the report we presented to the CWTS program (Alhough I was not there). Evidently the labor market is very interesting. We discovered a lot such as workers who preferred to stay contractual or the differences of benefits with the workers. We also got to interview some radio DJs and I think this was the most enjoyable interview we had.  This was definitely a unique experience and I do hope future students would also go through the same thing.

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