The disappointing results of the Academic Calendar Shift students’ survey.

“As Economists, I believe that it is not enough to rely on votes that are simply based on people’s opinions.” – written by Lauren Dy in her blog, “On UPD’s Academic Calendar Shift”

I agree with this statement of yours. Personally, I don’t think that every issue should be settled through a democratic process. Surveying students or faculty members is merely not enough basis to make decisions on very important matters. Some things should really be given thought of by EXPERTS and PROFESSIONALS who have better knowledge on what’s more likely to happen a few years from now after the shift is implemented and could better outweigh the costs and benefits of every situation. In economics, we are taught that people base their decisions on self-interest. But in reality, not all people are informed enough to make rational decisions. Unfortunately however, I think majority of those people who were surveyed have not even informed themselves enough about the issue. I think the academic shift should be given more thought of. I also do not agree that the academic calendar shift gives more benefits than costs. The only main benefit they’re pushing for with regards to this shift is the “alignment of our calendar with international acad calendars” which I strongly believe is NOT ENOUGH REASON to pursue the shift! We deserve more valid and important reasons than that! We are a tropical country with different weather conditions and our acad calendar is positioned in a way to make us feel most comfortable during summer/rainy season. Our bar exams and other traditions are scheduled in a way that best fits our calendar. Most importantly, why would we aim for “internationalization” when we haven’t even fixed our education system here in the Philippines yet? And perhaps the most obvious cost of it all is that NOT ALL students of UP are financially capable to go abroad and study there. Hence, this acad calendar shift will only benefit the people who can afford it and would actually want to go abroad to study. Oh, and remind me again why the Philippines’ premier university are pushing its Filipino students to go and study abroad????? I really do not understand why the proponents of this shift is pushing that the benefits of this shift outweigh the costs more when it’s plainly clear that it does NOT.

Honestly, I really think the survey results are invalid and unreliable because 1) Either people are not properly informed or 2) As have been mentioned, people act based on their self-interest a.k.a students loving the longer summer vacation (which will only apply for one year, btw) or other personal reasons

I am truly disappointed with the results of the survey and how this issue is being handled. My heart cries for UP students who have abandoned their capacity to think critically with regards to important issues and decide merely for temporary personal reasons. But in my heart, there is still hope that this issue will be resolved in the right manner and would yield the best results. I still trust that there are iskolars out there who are strong and intelligent enough to fight for what is obviously right.


*DISCLAIMER: My views are not necessarily reflective of the batch and the SESC. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The disappointing results of the Academic Calendar Shift students’ survey.

  1. I agree that many people just based their decisions regarding this serious matter based on their personal interests. These people should learn to consider others.

  2. I agree with you also! I am actually against the pursuit of the academic shift given that we still have a lot to fix on our educational system.

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