I just read the privilege speech of Sen. Revilla, and wow, he really prepared for this one. I always thought, what if they really were not involved in the scam, but then again, there won’t be smoke without fire, right?

However, let’s not be biased for awhile and think about this in a fair manner. Innocent until proven guilty right? But why did he have to blame everything on other’s then. It’s a privilege speech for you to clear your name from the allegations, and what did he do? “Oh president Aquino is like this blah blah blah” and uh, what have you done Mr. Senator for this country again?

With the thing with Corona? I believe that there’s reason Aquino did that, that can be part of his “daan matuwid” so whatever. And what have you done for this country again?

If  you have done enough for this country for me to see why blah blah millions of people voted for you, then maybe I would actually believe you. However, you’ve been elected for so long and you haven’t done enough for me to see so I would believe you.

Techniques. So that they would join you to hate the admin and to side with you, you resulted to this, pointing your fingers so that the attention of the people would shift. You should have cleared your name without doing this. That’s so dirty.



 See how Roxas cleared the accusations posed against them? That’s how Revilla should’ve done his speech.


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