Tambuyog: The SFT Campaign

This semester, we were required to work with NGO’s. Our group was assigned to Tambuyog. We were required by them to make a summary of their projects and to analyze them regarding economics and climate change.

The project that was assigned to me was the Sustainable Fisheries and Trade Campaign. It is a campaign centered on food security and, also, on protecting the marginalized and local sectors of the fishing industry from negative effects of trade liberalization.

The project, I thought, was really inspiring; from their goals down to their strategies. These stratgeies were implemented:

  • Awareness and Capacity Building
  • Policy Research and Dissemination
  • Consistency Building and Networking
  • Policy Advocacy and Popular Actions

The main endeavor of their project was the inability for action by the government. The marginalized fisheries sector is unrecognized formally and needed to be heard by the government. Their resources are not being managed well and they don’t have properly established property rights to protect them from the industrialized sector.

A highlight for me was the Kilusang Mangingisda (KM) and the Kababaihan sa Kilusang Mangingisda (KKM), how Tambuyog was able to nourish and help them, and the expressed desire of implementing a code for Practice for Responsible Aquaculture. This code is a determinant that more and more fisherfolk are ready to stand on their own.

Probably, the Campaign and Tambuyog still has a long way to go, but, seeing their determination and current successes, they’re definitely on their way to reaching their goals.


Ina Isabel Lingan


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