Talent should be rewarded

Now I’m writing this on my belief that the Philippine government should really start programs to hone and develop talents rather than just focus solely on cash and economic profits (despite me being an economist). I write this in regard to Michael Martinez who represent us in different ice skating championships around the world after he had represented us in the winter olympics. Why do we only fund these people when they are already famous? This is really a problem in my perspective because it means that we do not do anything to support them while they are still developing. What about those who are still practicing? Still trying to make their way up? I know we are are a third world country and I know that we have limited funds, but if we can afford to fund athletes after they have become famous, then why can’t we fund programs in order to develop the multiple talents Filipinos have? I know Filipinos are known around the world as multi-talented people and I firmly believe we should not just focus on making money alone. Many people have chosen to abandon their dreams alongside their talents simply because it is not profitable to them. I think that if it comes to pass that we develop something to support the talented people then we can sure see a rise in athletes and possibly even a rise in people being able to bring honor and glory for the country and most importantly for themselves.


3 thoughts on “Talent should be rewarded

  1. I agree with you here. There are times when I think that the people would like to associate themselves with those who are already on top. Maybe it is because of this that I sometimes see them as faceless people who just plaster themselves to the people who have already achieved success and reap the benefits that are hard earned by that person at the end instead of joining him in the process from the very beginning.

  2. I agree. The Philippine government should really support people with these kinds of talents and help to reach their full potential

  3. I agree. I find it gross that petty squabbles, campaigns, and self-serving projects from our government are accorded billions of pesos– and yet they could not support a single deserving athlete from their own country. For shame.

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