“Sir, ga’no kaclose?”

If you watched Sarah & John Lloyd’s movie “A Very Special Love”, you will remember this dialogue from Laida. The plot for this movie is how Laida gets close to the man of his dreams.

In every relationship that we have, may it be friends, family or family, how much of ourselves do we need to disclose to other people? I have Psych 101 this semester which requires us to participate in the experiments for higher Psych classes. One of the experiments I participated in is called “Blurred Lines”. They have a questionnaire about self-disclosure, intimacy and commitment to each relationships.

Do we need to tell everything that we’re experiencing to our friends, platonic friends, boyfriends/girlfriends,  siblings and family? Do we need to be fully committed to them?

Intimacy refers to the feelings of closeness that ones has for the other person. Intimacy, in Stenberg’s view, is not physical but psychological. (Psychology, Cicarelli)

Friends are our constant companions, the ones we share lunch with, our study buddies, etc. What’s the difference between friendship and girlfriend-boyfriend relationships? One common answer is the intimacy and passion you share with boyfriend/girlfriend is more intense and deeper.

It is our decision on how close we can get to our relationship with other people. But we must always know our limitations and know how the other person sees you as well.



3 thoughts on ““Sir, ga’no kaclose?”

  1. I agree with you. There are stories worth sharing to our friends. Sometimes, not being to share an experience makes us feel like the experience did not really happen. However, there are also times when keeping things to ourselves is just the best thing to do.

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