The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;—
Little we see in Nature that is ours.
— “The World is Too Much with Us”, William Wordsworth


Imagine yourself watching television – waiting for the six numbers that will determine the winner for the Lottery. You aren’t taking it seriously. After all, it takes a huge amount of luck to win a huge amount of cash. Imagine your surprise when the six numbers they drew were yours. Is this a dream? What will you even do with all that money? Buy a mansion? Get a new car? Or will you invest it in a bank to get interest? I’d like to dedicate this blog to a romantic Wordsworth’s poem I took up in my junior year of high school– which is an angry criticism to the greedy and materialistic human beings who forget about the wonders of nature and other important things in life.

Of course, not everyone who wins (or attempts to win) the lottery is greedy or materialistic. The poem isn’t trying to imply that everyone is greedy or materialistic as well, but a whole lot of people were. He is angry with society because it’s (we’ve) been giving too much importance to money and material objects to the point of disregarding what its (our) actions are doing to nature. Wordsworth, at one point, even wished that he were a pagan instead, because the people who called themselves Christians are the ones destroying nature.

“The World is Too Much With Us” was written in the year 1802, yet the message of humans being selfish still has barely gotten in the heads of people in this day and age – even mine. The problems that our world is facing right now are because of the many abuses that we do to nature. Many of us are busy trying to earn more and spend more that we forget about the consequences of our actions. Our planet is facing an environmental crisis. Natural disasters are becoming a norm. If man starts to focus a little less on himself, and show a little more love and concern for nature, then maybe the change can begin. William Wordsworth’s poem does not only apply to the people during his time, but to people in ours as well. He is calling us to respect nature, because all that we are enjoying right now is rooted from it.

Let’s start today 🙂

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