Quite the Experience

Throughout the entire semester, my time with NAPC, as well as my fellow group mates and the members of the group working with us under the same institution, was a fun and insightful one. Sure, there were times where all we did was talk about DRRM and exchanged opinions on topics, that our coordinator felt we needed, that were all related to disaster reduction and the like.

There was also the time where I thought we’d never get anywhere and that we’d just have discussions on DRRM, then we were suddenly bombarded with these plans and initiatives on what we were supposed to be doing with NAPC, the reason why we were there, that got me really thinking, and participating along as well.

Let me tell you that participating actively was never in my comfort zone. I felt so insecure discussing within that NAPC meeting room. I know that I’m a college student, but I’ve survived the previous year with little talking that I thought I wouldn’t need it here at all. I was confronted with reporting our findings, as well as conversing with those who I normally don’t converse with, for example very important people, very.

Then we were finally doing what we had planned, taking trips, doing interviews, among many other things. It was a new and a fulfilling experience. For this, I thank all those responsible for making this possible, as well as those people who I got to meet, to speak with, and especially those who made my time quite the experience. (I might miss a few so I’m not going to name anyone, but to those who felt the appreciation, I genuinely direct this message to you!)

– Audrey Agustin


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