Quiet on the Eastern Front

I once dreamt about a utopia

Of living in the undulating hills near heaven

Of riding my chariot across the Western sun

Of playing the harp in solemn harmony


Then I woke up from this utopia


I find myself in a dystopia

Of overpopulated malls and trains

Of constant greed, graft and corruption

Of poverty and of deceit


Then I realize this is the reality of my life

I realize it is quiet on the Eastern Front



Anna Bettina F. Soriano


2 thoughts on “Quiet on the Eastern Front

  1. Perfection’s hard and will never be achieved in this imperfect and finite planet; however, the challenge is to at least approach perfection as nearest as possible.

  2. This nation really does seem like paradise lost. People need to be more active to see real change.

    The eastern front is quiet
    Quiet, says the crowd
    The nameless could not say it
    The twisted cry aloud

    I don’t know what I’m saying
    And no I am not proud
    The lazy ones are playing
    The people must be wowed

    I can’t believe this has happened
    The bodies start to mount
    I made all this stuff up
    T meet the word count

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