There was always this one thing that the members of the Nameless, the NGO that I was a volunteer for, had.

It was their passion for the country. 

Although my experience with The Nameless has come to a close, I will never forget the passion they had for what they believed in. Most of the members of this organization were aktibistas when they were our age. They all had experiences of joining rallies, expressing their opinions, and fighting for what they believed in. And, even up to now, I could still see that fire in their eyes. The fire to fight for freedom. The fire that was sparked by their undying love for our country. 

Honestly, I wish we had that. I wish we had that kind of awareness of the issues of our country. I wish we were more involved in these kinds of issues especially being students of the University of the Philippines. 

The members of The Nameless collective taught me to be more nationalistic and proud of my country. They inspired me to find something to be passionate about, and to never lose that. I thank them for that. 

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