One Last

Once again I am cramming to finish the last of my requirements for this semester. Final exams, term papers, and other stuff to do before I consider my second year finished. And this.

I don’t know why I can never think of something to say whenever it comes to this class. Maybe because untypical of a UP student, I’m not as politically aware or as socially involved in the various happenings in the country, or as inclined to volunteer to different causes and NGOs as other people. But still I try to organize and reorganize my infinitely jumbled thoughts to make coherent essays that can (hopefully) help me pass this course.

But then, enough of my rants. What I will share instead is the things I learned from my internship for my last blog for this course (hopefully). Our group was assigned to La Liga Policy Institute and we were assigned to make a survey on brown rice to see how it is perceived by people. I admit I didn’t like the information gathering for the survey because it was time consuming but I enjoyed doing the analysis and learning additional things about brown rice (given that I never had the chance to taste it before). For example, one of the reasons why brown rice, in spite of its health benefits, is not widely patronized here is because of its taste, and its cost. Also, the respondents of the survey, mostly from the middle and higher income brackets, are usually the ones who have more knowledge of brown rice.

I’m not going to say it has been a one hell of a roller coaster ride, because it is overly used and the ride wasn’t bumpy in the first place. But I am thankful for this opportunity, because it is a unique one and I also loved sharing some of my thoughts on this with my groupmates. So there, my one last blog for this course. Hopefully.

(edited September 25, 2016)


4 thoughts on “One Last

  1. But what about the brown rice? :)) I’m interested in knowing more about that too~

    There have been numerous studies as to some RISKS as well as benefits that come with the consumption of brown rice, you know.

    The rest of this comment is just filler, cause I doubt people read these anyway. Have a good life dear.

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