No to Abortion

Heart starts to beat

Fingers start to form

I start hearing her soft voice

Her sad cracking voice

She cries herself to sleep

She curses in her dreams

She said she doesn’t want me

“It will ruin my life”

She goes to a doctor

I start to feel pain

Heartbeats slowly disappear

Black nothingness

If only she can hear me

From the inside I am crying

I’m sorry, Mommy

I still love you, Mommy


8 thoughts on “No to Abortion

  1. This is such an emotional piece. It says a lot and although I’m pro-choice, it still gets to me. That’s why I support the RH Bill. It prevents these things from happening.

  2. I also believe strongly against abortion. I really think it’s heartbreaking when people decide to kill innocent children because of “wrong decisions” or even because of poverty. It seems much easier to simply hope that people wouldn’t be put in situations where they’d have to decide whether or not they want to (or need to ) undergo abortion.

  3. I am also against abortion. The thought of one person having total control of the life of another disgusts me. I think people should not only be educated about sex but also the responsibility that is attached to it. In the end, educated or not, it still boils down to our morality as a person.

  4. This is quite a short but meaningful piece. I am not against the RH bill but I am not with it either. I am only in favor of contraception due to Filipino attitude but for abortion I think it should really be taken out. If the baby’s been formed, if he/she’s already there then we have no right to just simply kill him/her off. It’s already a life made, and I think responsibility is due already.

  5. Thank you for sharing such an emotional piece! I’m also against abortion and I believe that if sex education was more accessible, there would be less cases. So many couples engage in intercourse without being completely informed about the possible risks and consequences. And they end up in an impossible situation, then make the choice to end a life. I’m an advocate for better sexual responsibility through better sexual education.

  6. Wow what a powerful message. I really hope this helps people realize the full weight of their actions and that the decisions they make do not just affect them but also the people around them.

  7. Wow. Thank you for sharing this. This if the first piece I’ve read on abortion that was written on the perspective of the baby. And I agree with you, no to abortion.

  8. What a striking piece! I always have strong feelings of abortion! It breaks my heart knowing that innocent babies are defencelessly killed because of wrong choices. 😦

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