Letter From the Future

Dear Steph,

You may be having a hard time right now but things will go in their way and everything will be better. You just need to push harder and remember what your goals and dreams are. Always know your priority in life which is to finish your studies. You might be thinking right of this moment to give up, to just sleep your problems and finish the things you need to do tomorrow, but you must not. Tomorrow will be a different day, and there will be more doors who’ll open for you if you finish your tasks now. You might be missing a party just to finish your work, but I tell you it will be worth it.

Know your worth. That’s what they will tell you. You will deny and tell yourself you know better. But look around you, is this really what you want to happen in your life? Nobody will do the change for you. Be the change. For yourself. For your family. For your friends. For your loved ones. Even for your enemies. And For God.

Make them proud. Inspire every people around you. And don’t forget to smile and be happy. You are the only responsible for your own happiness. And I tell you, you will feel fulfillment when you finish your tasks now.

So, stop slacking off. Stop making your life miserable. Look at the positive things around you. And you will see what you’ve been missing all along.

With love and sincerity,





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