Our partnership with our NGO The Nameless came to an end last week as we submitted our final work requirements. I’ve certainly learned a lot throughout this semester with them. Here are just a few of them.

Throughout this semester with The Nameless, I saw first hand what volunteer work was really like. Our two main contacts for the organization, Sir Ruben and Ms Eileen, never failed to amaze me with how much work and effort they put into projects that, when I think about it, will not directly affect them. I mean, what do they get out when others find out about the different unsung heroes of martial law? Besides a sense of fulfillment from helping the families of the victims, there is very little concrete return from their work in The Nameless. It is truly an inspiration how much they are willing to set aside for the sake of a noble cause.

I’ve also learned a lot just from reading the different profiles of the heroes that we had to summarize. Where they came from, how they ended up, what they fought for – all these were more than insightful to read. It’s humbling to know how people from harsher walks of life than most of us are able to impact their generation in such colossal way, without even demanding any credit.

Yes, my time with The Nameless has come to an end, but the lessons I’ve learned will definitely stay with me even after this semester. 



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