One thing that people seem to find convenient about being a UP student is that we are not required to wear our ID at all times. With the exception of some specific colleges and libraries, people can generally enter buildings without any form if identification. Though an ID or sticker in necessary to enter the campus, the wearing of IDs is generally not strictly enforced within the school. A lot of entrances have a “NO ID, NO ENTRY” sign, yet guards allow people in without so much as asking for any identification.


In contrast, students from the Ateneo are required to wear their IDs at all times. One cannot enter the university boundary without a student’s or visitors ID. Not only do security guards prevent those without IDs from entering buildings, but marshals patrolling the grounds can catch students walking outside and discipline them if they aren’t wearing their ID.


While the ID security system in ADMU might look rather stern compared to UP’s, the simple checking of IDs goes a long way to improving campus security. One would think that, being a much larger university in terms of area and population, UP would have the stricter security measures. However, the basic ID rule isn’t even followed in much of the campus.


Comparing cases of security breaches in ADMU and UP is complicated, and cannot be traced to their respective ID card systems alone. However, there is a real security advantage in knowing right away if people entering the premises are registered individuals, whether they may be students, faculty, or visitors. Even if IDs alone won’t guarantee against break-ins or infiltration by really determined criminals, requiring one to show ID at the entrance at least serves as a first-tier deterrent against unauthorized entrance.


Because of the relaxed ID rules, some UP students don’t even carry their ID with them at all. Even if the rules did not require it, it’s generally poor practice to not have the ID handy, especially when it’s virtually effortless to carry around.


As that weird chick who died in “Alien vs. Predator” said about guns and condoms:


“Better to have one and not need it, than need it and not have one.”


One thought on “ID

  1. I agree that aside from requiring students to wear their IDs, stricter security measures should also be implemented. I think that part of the problem here in UP is the general laxness of security. It’s not that students aren’t wearing the IDs, it’s more of how they don’t seem to be required to. I hope the administration can take note of your suggestion!

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