Goodbye NSTP

When we were first told that we will be divided in groups, my first concern was “which group will my crush choose”. Just kidding. Well, my friends and I were undecided and somehow we ended up with the climate change crowd. I thought we will be planting trees or doing clean-ups but no, we were assigned in the National Anti Poverty Commission (NAPC) where we learned truly eye-opening things.

I guess my most memorable experience in our two semesters of NSTP was when we presented the information/observation we’ve gathered to the barangay officials of Caloocan. In our “internship” in NAPC, we went to different barangays to interview them about their disaster preparedness programs. We’ve heard their plans, activities, and grievances. When it was our turn to talk, to voice our insights and suggestions, I just felt very satisfied. I was very nervous at first but when they told us how much they appreciate our participation and effort, it was replaced by delight. It was very fulfilling to know that we’ve moved people and that it may eventually save lives in the face of disasters.

I would like to thank NSTP for giving me that chance. I’ll forever keep the lessons I’ve learned from you. Good bye! I hope we’ll not meet again next sem.


Ivy Joyce Dissanayake


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