Goodbye? I think not.

Yesterday was the last day of classes. It was the last day of my life as an undergrad and I could not believe it.

I feel very happy and proud. I am one of the lucky students who remained in the school, passing subject after subject. I made a lot of friends and interacted with various people.  And yet, I could not help myself from feeling sad. Is it the end? Will I ever have the chance to experience such things again? Will I ever see them again? Then it struck me. I remembered the around the same time last month when my family and I went to Tagaytay. We went there in order to meet my mother’s college best friends together with their families. They haven’t seen each other for thirty years. After college, they parted ways and went on with their own lives. I thought that it would be awkward for them but I was wrong. It was like they have never been apart. They were just like my friends and I. They talked about their families, told jokes and reminisced their past.

Their reunion made me realize that I shouldn’t worry anything about leaving college. There are things in this world that will stay strong forever and one of them is friendship.


Phoebe S. San Luis



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