Flood Structural Mitigation within the Marikina Watershed

Since I had my CWTS group’s presentation last Monday, I believe it would be proper to post my section of the presentation.

Flooding has been a perennial problem within the Marikina Watershed, and within Marikina River; efforts to mitigate this have been in place since the 1990s. The Flood Control Project of 1992 was implemented within Marikina City and focused on the following:

  1. Improving drainage systems
  2. Paving roads with concrete to reduce debris that clog drainage systems
  3. Constructing needed outfalls to allow floods to recede more efficiently
  4. Removal of informal settlements and obstructions
  5. River dredging


Ultimately the project’s effects were considerably positive, with the number of exposed homes falling from 10,000 to half by 2004. This project showed the potential effects of proactive flood mitigation, but it is relatively old. Today, efforts have been made by the DPWH to further protect the citizens near the river, ultimately by declaring the Watershed as a Protected Area and including it within its comprehensive flood management program.

The DPWH named as Key Urgent Projects the “Upper Marikina River Improvement Project” and “Marikina River Dredging”. These have already been in place since last year. For the long term, however, a general “Pasig-Marikina River Improvement” is named, which focuses on reducing the discharge outflow from the upper basin area, by dam and dike construction, as well as river wall and dredging projects. All in all, these efforts are estimated to benefit 1.6 million people.


These projects are numerous and ongoing, but show promise and could ultimately help save property and lives in the wake of another storm. Early efforts have shown promise, but further work must ultimately still be done to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens.



Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, Flood Disaster Mitigation and River Rehabilitation by Marikina City, Philippines (2008). Asian Disaster Preparedness Center.




Brian Robles



2 thoughts on “Flood Structural Mitigation within the Marikina Watershed

  1. This is good news 🙂 after Ondoy, I’ve witnessed people from Marikina really traumatized whenever there are rains and floods. Hopefully, this project will carry on and be effective in completely eradicating the possibilities of flood in the area.

  2. The Philippines have always experienced rain in the past, yet not many focused on building better drainage systems…
    Some might consider the recent terrible typhoons to be a wake-up call…
    And, I agree with that…
    It might seem late to only start doing it now, but it’s still not too late since typhoons will still come and our country should be prepared…

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