Faces Behind the Names

Every person has a story. Our goal was to hear their stories and make them known. The Nameless Group 3 was tasked to interview friends and family of unsung heroes in order to see the heroes in a different light. They were not just heroes. They were also friends, brothers/sisters, daughters/sons and husbands/wives. They were just like everyone else.

While collecting information and writing the profiles were relatively easy, interviewing turned out to be quite complicated. One had to strike a balance between empathy and professionalism. It was hard not to get carried away by emotions, considering all the stories that were shared. We were like intruders, taking a peek in their little bubbles full of fond memories. We were welcomed to their bubbles, nonetheless. Details were remembered, and the spirits of those who have passed away live on, thanks to the endearing memories they left behind with their loved ones. It was inspiring, heartbreaking and fulfilling, all at once.

It seemed like all the people we talked to knew everyone else. Perhaps their concern for the people brought them all together. They were a community, a family even, who sought for the betterment of the nation.

The experience itself was eye-opening. Before we had the interviews, I was not really aware that radical political movements still operate today. A whole new world unraveled before us. It turns out that so many people never stopped fighting for social justice, starting from the Marcos regime. I saw burning passion for the people, devoting their whole lives to the oppressed and the masses. Of course, the heroes did not forget to devote themselves to family and friends as well.

The whole experience served as a reminder that every hero is still human. You and I are human. I would like to believe we are passionate about people.

We can be heroes of our generation.


One thought on “Faces Behind the Names

  1. I feel like interviewing friends or relatives of nameless heroes is one of the most interesting tasks if not the most interesting from all the tasks done by all of the CWTS groups. I’m sure that the personal and emotional discussion with these people was really eye opening and inspiring.

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