Dotting Tool

Have you ever heard of a dotting tool? What about a nail striper? If you haven’t, these are all tools for Nail Art. A dotting tool is, obviously for creating dots in the nail and a striper for creating stripes. They are also used to create different shapes by using a variety of techniques.

I started doing nail art a year ago, and, it’s really helped me get in touch with my creative side. I am very fond of it especially because, during these times, I don’t get to do as much creative projects as I’d like to.

Currently, I am mesmerized by the nail art works of thenailasaurus. Unlilke others, we both have smaller nails. Because of this, I appreciate her work even more. She also emphasizes that doing nail art often can have harmful effects to nails, so, she recommends a handful of nail care.

Here are some pictures of her work.




I just want to get it out there that there is such a thing that’s nail art and that it’s very enjoyable and can be easy to learn.

Pictures from:

Ina Isabel C. Lingan 



3 thoughts on “Dotting Tool

  1. Wow!!! I’m happy that you have found your creative side! I tried nail art a lot of times but I always fail. :)) I guess I need to be more motivated! Thanks for this! 🙂

  2. I really appreciated seeing something this light in this blog. I guess we all need to learn to let loose sometimes 🙂

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