Do we lack culture?

It was a few weeks before when japanese students came to visit UP as part of their cultural exchange program with UP CIS. Before that the students from UP who visit japan went to our class and told stories of what they had seen and experienced during their trip. “What did the japanese students know about us?” They answered “Jabayuki.” It was there that I realized that why is it that foreigners know so little about us besides the landmarks and tourist spots that the country itself advertises outside the country? Eventually I though “What does the Philippine actually have to offer culturally?” Sure we have tons of malls, sure we have so many beautiful beaches but what do we show of our culture? Unless we show the tourists directly towards our few museums and history so little is reflected of our culture in our daily lives. The europeans have their sense of refinement coming from the boom of the renaissance era and monarchal system which still shows till now. The japanese heavily celebrate their traditions in multiple ways despite the many feudal wars and their loss during the world war. The Americans with their obvious attitude of being straightforward ambitious and “we are above everyone else” thing. So what of the Filipinos? Being kind isn’t a unique trait. Hospitality should be a given in almost all cultures so what do we have? Is it really just to the saying that Filipino’s are strong because we laugh away all our problems? Doesn’t that make us fools? Also our crab mentality is disturbing our culture heavily. Most of our cities are based from other countries, not on our own. What of the spanish-filipino war? What of the democracy we fought so hard for? What of the Filipina women who were famous for being conservative refined and gentle? What of the men who were strong and fought regardless of the impossible enemy in front of them? In the end, is this all we can offer? That we are just a simple copy of other countries?

5 thoughts on “Do we lack culture?

  1. I agree with you that there’s something wrong with the lack of something to offer to other countries…
    It’s sad that many people aren’t proud of Filipino made products…
    But, this colonial mentality actually have been with us for a long time, and this might be the reason why no industry were invested by people for the industry to live long enough… (ex: Marikina shoes)

  2. We were weaved into a nation because of those foreign countries, actually. I mean, if the Spaniards or the Americans or the Japanese didn’t colonize us, we’d probably still be in separate Muslim tribes. So I really think they’ll always be part of our Philippine culture. Hence, the title “melting pot of cultures”. Kind of a disadvantage but definitely not a permanent hindrance to progress 🙂

  3. I also agree with you. You’re right that we’re heavy on crab mentality and colonial mentality. But then maybe it’s because until now, we are probably still searching for the path we have to take as a country, and we still need a long time for that. And we still have to change lots of things.

  4. We don’t really lack culture, but having one that is entirely unique to ourselves, I couldn’t say yes we do. But perhaps our culture itself is the mixture of the different influences that we have received over the years, so nowadays, it’s quite hard to tell what is purely Filipino. It’s hard to explain, but what I’m trying to say is despite all these foreign influences, we can be sure of one thing that is entirely unique to our culture from the rest of the world, our heritage that built up the foundation of what we are and what we do today.

  5. I have to agree with Regina here, when she said we are culture weaved by different countries. I suppose being conquered by four (or three, depending on how you look at it) countries did not give us enough time to develop a distinct culture (or at least as distinct as Japan’s) of our own. However, I believe we have a culture, a mix of these four cultures that conquered us and we see this develop to this very day. If its really unique, and recognizable, that I concede is a no

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