Last March 3, our cwts group held a mining forum at the School of Economics Auditorium. Together with our NGO, ALyansa Tigil Mina we have called the event a success because we have fulfilled our goal. This goal is to inform students and other people about the effects of mining. 


What I have to say about the experience is this: nothing will ever be easy. Given only less than 2 weeks to prepare for the forum, our group started from scratch. Planning a forum and starting from zero is hard. You have to work for every single detail and edge in order to properly execute the event. Having received wrong and incomplete information right from the beginning, we have to work with what we have. And from there, work our way up until we have called the event a success.

When something is easy, it is not worth the ride. To be uneasy and exert efforts is definitely one journey I would like to ride.

2 thoughts on “DeterMINING

  1. Challenges makes us better persons. Something done without effort is pointless there would be nothing special about it. Sometimes what’s important is not the outcome but rather the lesson we learned. Also, in the first place, God will not give us any problem we can’t handle. .

  2. Don’t worry, I attended and even kept the brochure. 🙂 I feel mining is an underrepresented, and occasionally misrepresented, issue today, and I’m grateful to learn more about it from the people actually involved.

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