I honestly wasn’t particularly excited the meeting ma’am said that we would be partnering with NGOs, having heard about and seeing the past NSTP-CWTS activities where they would just plan for a play. I was relieved that at least I knew who my group mates were.

At first it was really weird, we didn’t know our NGO. We were lost, we had no contact details or even a map to follow. I really didn’t feel like going outside UP.

Then we started familiarizing with the organization, they introduced the issues of illegal mining and we began discussing what can we do for our project.
We were tasked to do a community profile in Sitio Maporac, Cabangan, Zambales.
We talked to the chieftain and he talked about their people and the place, and then he talked about their problems with the mining companies. He also told us that Ateneo has actively helped the with at least a few of their needs and he was glad to hear that people in UP have come to take interest as well.

This CWTS definitely put me out of my comfort zone. I have seen a different part of our society and realized problems other than what we have here. It was a tiring but fun experience.


4 thoughts on “CWTS2-NSTP

  1. True. It was definitely both a fun and tiring experience. We became aware of the damages that is brought about my mining activities and that is what i think the best thing about partnering with ATM. 🙂

  2. Has really been much of a game changer?

    The CWTS program is far from perfect, and even those who claim to have been changed by the experience must also truthfully say whether or not they’d be willing to go through it again.

    Filler text. Just random words. I wonder if they actually read these.

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