Creativity in Activism

       In one of our first meetings in our FA 28 class, we discussed protest art. Our discussion focused mostly on how the designs and materials used for effigies are tailored to the needs of the protesters. There were two main things that they had to keep in mind: the effigies must be highly flammable and they must relay the message of the protest.

      As we mentioned in our presentation, our group had the privilege to attend the field trip to TFDP mostly due to miscommunication with our host. In the said field trip, we were showed various artworks and creations of the detainees and political prisoners. To culminate the trip, we were asked to view a video and give our opinion on the piece.

     This is the video that we were showed:

     If there’s one thing that I learned from the video, it’s that there’s so much creative potential in the Filipinos. Of course, I shared other import regarding the content and message of the video, but I mostly thought of how the video was made. It’s amazing how much effort these people put into creating something that would relay their message. There’s so much creative potential in the Filipino people and if channeled correctly, I think that this potential could be used to propagate messages, to tell stories and to inspire.

     Creativity is important. It could change perspectives, and I believe that it may be able to change lives.




2 thoughts on “Creativity in Activism

  1. I agree! To catch the attention of people, you really need to think outside of the box nowadays. And yes, the Filipinos are more than capable of that.

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