BITs Revisited

Before being an intern at EU-ASEAN FTA Network, my knowledge in Philippine trade was so little I don’t even know that such BITs (Bilateral Investment Treaties) existed. But being assigned to the said organization, my perspective of trade in the Philippines changed and broaden.

Being able to work in the BITs team opened me to new and different phases of life, particularly to trade issues. Before, I only knew that there are agreements between countries in terms of trade. Investors come here and go. But after analyzing some trade agreements of our countries with investors from foreign countries, it proved me very wrong.

Trade between countries are really broad and somehow a very complicated thing. Every single move or provisions a country would make could make a very significant. It could make or break a country’s bond with the investor, and thus would reflect a country’s stance on trading. One should really be very careful on analyzing and following the agreement and provisions stated in their BITs, or else their country would incur its costs.

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