A Day in the City

In one of my classes, we had a field trip in Manila. Sounds corny huh? But believe me, it wasn’t. It was not one of those ordinary field trips. Our class was divided into groups and we were allowed to have the trip anytime within the semester. Then, our professor gave us a guideline of what we should do and where we should go. Thus, we were on our own.

Our first stop was in Intramuros. We went around and looked for different landmarks and people. It was a fun experience especially since no one in our group where to find them. We asked a lot of people for directions. There was one person who was very memorable though. He was one of those men in blue uniforms. We asked him how to get to a street named Real. He somehow enumerated the streets and places that we were going to pass and even told us the story of each one. It was astounding.

Aside from Intramuros, we also visited the National Museum and Luneta. They may be regular places to visit but our experience was not so simple. The trip was an eye-opener. It made me remember that these beautiful places are not just preserved because of tourism. They are there because of the things that happened in the past. And people should try to visit them more and immerse themselves in all the culture and history. I know I will.

Phoebe S. San Luis



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