A Beacon of Hope

Who doesn’t like a Cinderella story? Who doesn’t like seeing titans fall and heroes rise? In one-way or another, we’ve experienced this in our own miniscule lives. But now, we get to see a new Cinderella story unfold in front of our very eyes.
Basketball has always been the dominant sport in the Philippine backdrop. UAAP has always been regarded as the pinnacle of sports entertainment, and basketball is the center of it. Even more recently, PBA has managed also to attract fans all over the country as evidenced by the sold out crowds during the coronation of San Miguel. In short, the Philippines is definitely basketball crazy. Now with the 2014 FIBA tournament coming up, the Philippines for the first time in so many years has someone to cheer for. Smart Gilas enters this year’s tournament as a beacon of hope for the Filipino people. Even though our odds of winning the damn thing are not exactly as high as we would like them to be, for the first time in so many years we have a glint of hope, and as basketball crazy fans, I think this is one step in the right direction.

Anna Bettina F. Soriano


One thought on “A Beacon of Hope

  1. I hope that the excitement and enthusiasm exceeds that from when the Azkals first made it big 🙂

    The changes will hopefully ripple into the youth, who will be inspired to take up a wider variety of sports. Who knows, maybe the future will bring a Philippines whose athletes are well known for competing in just about every sport out there.

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