“Change is the only constant thing in this world.” We live in a world where information can be easily lay hands on. When we need something to eat, we can search for nearest restaurant from the place where you are standing right now or even when you are in an emergency, you can call the fastest ambulance and it’ll be there in a minute. The world we are living in is moving really fast, as well as the technology around us. How do us, people cope up with these swift changes around us? Do we really need these ‘revolutions’, as they say?

It is in the character of every human to seek and gather more information, and have the tendency not to feel the contentment and satisfaction they’ve been searching for. People always want more, and more. And so they do everything to make they’re life easier and better. Technology has been a big help in transforming things and continuously spreading information throughout the world, the same functions for the internet. Every person helps in adding information, transmitting it and so everyone uses it.

GPS is really a miracle from science and technology. It was released in 1800s to the public and in the span of thirty years; it has contributed a lot to the society and has changed the way of living of us, people. As the video says, it is not what you search, but what the search tells you to check out. With all the information in our hands, the next question becomes: Where does our future takes us? How do we imagine our planet in the next ten, fifteen, twenty years or so? There are no more limitations to what we can do. And our imagination is the only thing that can stop us, or keep us going.

Though the advantages of all these are quite the obvious, do they have bad effects on us? Nowadays, people just rely on everything that they read or hear. Often we become too lazy enough to get up, have a walk and enjoy the little things around us. We are getting used to the “instant” things that we get, that we take advantage of it. As the technology around us revolves, so is our character.

GPS and GIS are used in tracking persons, places, or things. Though it is very helpful in finding missing persons or locating you into the map, we should always be careful on everything that we do. With all these info, one can easily find you.

All these technology and changes around us, is a gem. We should always take in mind whatever we put into the net, or just simply whatever we say. It is just to say that technology like GPS and GIS are considered necessities in life. But it is in our actions that makes them more reliable and useful. We must be responsible to all that we say and do, and think about what will the future look like.




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