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This was the picture circulating in social media today. Apparently, guards of UP were charging P 10 per car without sticker so they can enter the campus. I am not saying that these allegations are true; I would want to give the guards the benefit of the doubt and wait for their explanations first. But if it’s actually true, this news is really saddening. Being in UP actually opened my eyes to the real situation of the country. Being in UP made me see the struggles of the society and the fight to remove these struggles. I always looked up to people in UP because they always fight for what they believed in, they always fight for what is right. Everyone I encounter in UP I looked up to – may it be students, teachers and personnel – I always see them as noble people. Seeing the battles many are fighting made me want to live my life in a way that patterns theirs – a life with strong values, standing up for what I believe is right no matter what the cause is. I want believe that everyone else who gets expose to what I was exposed to would want to do so, as well.  Therefore, seeing and hearing about this news really bother me. If in the UP community, a place where it is believed that everyone had good values, could have people doing such, what more in a more complicate and bigger society like our country? 


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  1. I saw this around Facebook as well! Is this true? I really hope it was just a misunderstanding by the witness.

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