Working with Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) has been a fulfilling experience. For three months, we helped them in monitoring the relief and rehabilitation programs for the victims of the supertyphoon Yolanda.  As our final project, we organized an educational discussion focused on the employment and livelihood plans for the survivors of the tragedy. Among our speakers are Mr. Anacoreto Fenol of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Atty. Jonathan P. Sale, Dean of UP School of Labor and Industrial Relations (UP SOLAIR), and  Atty. Aaron M. Pedrosa of Bulig-Visayas.

                Four months after the catastrophe, we now rarely hear news from the devastated areas. What is the progress of the rehab projects? What is already accomplished? And what are still needed to be done? We focused our ED on employment and livelihood plans because we see the importance of employment in helping the survivors recover. According to Mr. Fenol, what are available for the survivors are short term jobs because other establishment are still not in operations.

                It may still take a long time for the rehabilitation of Visayas. There are still many things to be considered and many other things waiting to be done. That is why we should not just settle listening to the stories of the survivors or keep on watching as government conducts its plans.  We should also find our ways to help the victims – whether it is through tracking the aids coming in the country, pressuring accountability and ensuring that these funds are properly used for the benefit of the survivors. We should not forget Visayas.

– 201253222

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