I saw three elections for the USC, and frankly, I am not that amazed. They only make noise whenever there’s an election and when it’s a normal school day, I do not see much effort, especially from the Councilors. UP politics is really a messy one.

On the election period, it was clear that Alyansa and STAND-UP were the ones who catch the attention of the students. They were literally everywhere. When I saw and heard the candidates, I do no know who to vote. There’s always something lacking or flaw that I can see in them. Not that I have no flaws, or whatever, but I believe that being a USC officer takes A LOT. He/she needs to be firm, strong, connects to students and cares about the national-21 issues.

This election, Alyansa dominated the council. From the day they won, I always see posts on Facebook regarding what happened during their USC meetings, how they take action to the current issues like Shifting of Academic Calendar, their talks with the UP officials, and they voice out the students’ opinions.  Transparency is really one of their targets this year, and for now, they proving and showing that they can do it.

Since Arjay and JP are Economic majors, this year, I think students will expect much more on UPSE students. From what  they’re showing now, USC shows how they are changing and I hope they continue serving us students right. And just.



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