Student organizations are a big part for every UP Diliman student. There are so many organizations that you can join in. In UP School of Economics, there are organizations like UP Ecosoc, UP ETC, UP OBEM, Debate Society, Sidhi.

Joining an organization will surely take your time and effort. But it will be worth it. You can meet different kind of people, open you to a lot of opportunities and will help you grow as a person. Ask anyone who is involved in an organization if they are happy on joining, and they will definitely answer yes!

If you haven’t join any organizations because a) your shy b) afraid of rejection c) don’t want to affect your acads d) too lazy because of the application process, then you should step outside your comfort zone. For ‘GC’ people, it’s all about time management. You should know your priority in deciding what to do first. Know your strengths and weaknesses. It will be a big help once we enter the ‘real world’ after we graduate! It is also good to be part of the team, and experience things you’ve never done before. Applying and being a member will surely push you to your limits.

So, for the next semester, go and apply for an org now to make your college life more fun and exciting than it is now. And do things you never know you can do!

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  1. Exactly! Joining an organization will not only help you attract more friends but it will also help you to gather more work experience as we enter the real world after school.

  2. I think that the “college experience” would really be incomplete without student organizations. The important part is not just learning to do different kinds of tasks but learning how to balance academics with org wok.

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