I had so much fun this semester. Once again, I met new friends, classmates and professors that inspire me to do well this semester. I had Econ 106, Econ 109, Psych 101, Philo 1, Comm 3 and Geog 1 for my classes. I really enjoyed every one of them and learned a lot. On my Econ classes, I learned new things about Economics and History which made me more motivated to get my Econ diplomat. I also enjoyed a lot my Psych 101 class. It taught me why each of us have different perspectives, dreams and personalities. It made me more open in accepting faults and mistakes of other people. My 3 GE classes are the required ones, which made me feel lucky to have them this sem. I also had a lot of ‘freshie’ classmates which was refreshing. I love my 3 GE classes because I met a lot of friends and experience new things.

Though, I’m happy that this semester will end. I am also sad to be separated from them. (sepanx alert!)

Every semester, you should always find beauty and enjoyment to your classes, even though sometimes it can be boring, you will surely learn a lot from them. So stop cutting classes next semester, and make new friends who will be your source of inspiration to get to class (Or a crush will work!) 🙂



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  1. This semester was fun! It went by really fast. I’m glad to have been a part of your semester, and I hope I’ll be a part of your future ones! 🙂

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