Who would say that he/she hasn’t procrastinated at least once?

Procrastinating starts with the pressure we put on ourselves to make things happen despite the feeling of overwhelm that seems never-ending and the pressure never really releases unless we figure out a way to do something about it.

Most of the time, our habit of procrastination started out as a way to cope with the anxiety and fear we feel over starting (or finishing) a task. Lots of times it is a result of Perfectionism and the fear that the outcome won’t be up to our own or someone else’s standard. Maybe we are afraid “it won’t be good enough,” or “they might not like it.”

Sometimes it is a result of ineffective goal-setting. Maybe we just haven’t learned the skills we need to manage our time. Maybe it is a result of our enthusiasm for so many different kinds of projects and our “yes, I can do that!” mentality.

There are lots of reasons that we develop the habit of putting things off, especially this coming Finals week. But we must step outside our comfort zone, do the best that we can and push ourselves to the last week of this semester!

Let’s do this! LAST PUSH!



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  1. I think I’ve been each and every type of those procrastinators at one point or another! It’s definitely a wake up call to start doing my requirements on time so I won’t be panicking at the last second.

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