Women and History

“When attention is given to women who also perform men’s roles, they are judged as extraordinary and not quite women.”  The lack of recognition and neglect of women and their roles especially during the different during the Philippine revolutionary periods and colonization have been given much consent and efforts by historians to analyze and give importance to their historical recognition. It is evident from past historical accounts that leaders during these periods were mostly men organizing civilian opposition groups or leading military troupes to fight for freedom against Spanish and American colonizers particularly these include famous heroes like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo. However, the scope of the information we know today is limited by the premise of the present historical accounts. Thus in the lack of historical accounts,  we question whether women were indeed deemed necessary and significant in the process of revolution and independence or were the participation of women in revolutionary activities merely neglected and ignored due to their traditional roles in society. If so, were their fulfillment of such roles insignificant in the historical context?

The relevance of women in the Philippine history is also one of great mystery as it is mostly accounts told from an oral perspective thus is an unwritten history. Knowing the duties of women and their contributions in the different domains politically, economically and socially throughout our Philippine timeline may help explain the birth of women inequality and the stereotypical role of women to society which is one of the pressing problems we are facing today. Women’s contributions are usually those that are untold and unrecognized, we fail to give emphasis that they too are part of Philippine history and they too are part of the Filipino culture.

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